Sumptuous Sari Rugs


Sari silk rugs are an ultimate upcycling success story. Made from the silk that once graced the saris destined to be worn by Indian women, these rugs have become some of the most colorful, most imaginative, and most sought-after pieces on the market today. The rug above, from the Rugsville New Eros Sari silk rug collection is made from recycled Sari silk. The carpet is handcrafted by artisans using handspun recycled vintage Sari silk and a unique knotting technique to create the luxurious Sari silk construction.


This beautiful rug from Alexanian is a gorgeous Sari rug destined to make this room feel luxurious. Paired with a fellow indigenous pillow from South America, the room takers on an incredible indigenous feel. The darker wood furniture does an excellent job of bringing out the deep hues of the rug, while the natural light pouring in from the large window amplifies the colors in the rug. Beautiful, indeed.


Again from Alexanian, this rug shows how the surrounding furniture can make the rug appear differently. In the image above, we see how dark furniture makes the rug appear darker, while the lighter furniture plays up the light hues of the rug. We love the light orange and greens in combination, and the light wood floors create an airy space to feel comfortable and happy.


Bring on the electric blue with this gorgeous rug! We can imagine this rug paired with gorgeous blue chairs, or some black furniture. We love the hints of green that peek through to give a balance to the blue neon burst of color. We can only imagine how beautiful this rug looked as a Sari, and are so happy to see it breathe new life as a rug. The design would give any room a vibrant feel, and the subtle rainbow backdrop just makes the blue pop all the more.


Rugsville Ethos Gray Rust Sari Silk Rug

This beautiful rug from Rugsville contains little hidden faces for all the rug onlookers to see! We love the color palette of this rug, and could easily imagine it in a modern contemporary space with lots of natural lighting. It would look wonderful with both neutrals and bright furnishings alike.



This beautiful rug made of incredible magenta saris is a great example of using a bold piece to anchor the space. Paired with dark, dramatic furniture, the rug does an excellent job of adding vibrancy and intensity  to the space. The matching accents (flowers and pillows) give the room a sense of continuity, while the window treatments add even more drama.  The modern coffee table gives a contemporary look to the room, creating an overall vibe "someone cool lives here.” One note: We would prefer rugs to be larger in this space allowing at least the front legs of the chair and sofa to rest on the rug connecting the furnishings. A round table would be another great choice!

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