Beautiful Bedrooms!

 Who doesn’t want a beautiful bedroom? The room you spend quite some time in, the room you love. Make a sensual space for a most enjoyable sleep. Check out a few of our favorite picks, and enjoy some beautiful bedrooms full of light and character.


Transport yourself to another world with this amazingly dramatic bedroom. Gold accents play up a royal purple bedspread and couch, while far-reaching bedposts add drama and height to the room. Candles and fruit add a vanitas feel, and the detail of the wall gives an artistic edge to the space. A beautiful area rug pairs well with hard wood floors, creating more visual interest. Tall windows give the space an edge and let so much light in. The dramatic mouldings give history to the space and balance the newness of the bright gold garden stools.  Finally, the dark pillows add a slightly gothic feel without stealing the femininity from the space.


Meghan Blum

Now for something lighter! This room makes white feel fresh and fun without making it sterile and devoid of feeling. The large piece of art with two feathers anchors the space. This pop of color adds a grounding influence to all the white, and helps give character. It’s amazing what color can do; even the dark blue blanket feels completely necessary here. The headboard is busy but not distracting, adding a decorative element with a pattern that beautifully compliments that of the wallpaper.   The wallpaper draws the eye up making the room feel more grand.  The tall bed and tall lamp looks perfect here.


This beautiful room showcases the power of decorative pillows added to a neutral base! The pillows play up the beautiful contrast created by a powerful black bed in a lighter room. Tall ceilings makes the room feel expansive, and give that added edge of luxury. The three pieces of art above the headboard work wonders to create balance and the simple, classic roman shades add a touch of timeless chic appeal. The room brings together surprising elements that all work so well together.


Time for more drama! The velour bed just screams comfort! There is a beautiful presence to the bed, with a masculine feel because of the size and shape. The manliness of the bed is juxtaposed with a dark, yet feminine chandelier. The tea-stained area rug creates a beautiful softness to the room, and it’s pale blue and neutral hues really draw out the color of the bed. Beautiful sculptural art lives in the hallway and entices us to enjoy the space even further!


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