Dining in Style

Geometric genius and an earthy palette create a dining room bursting with contemporary style!

This room was such a joy to design. Every design begins with the client and how they see the world and how they want to live.  In this case the clients were in the midst of a renovation and  they were opening up all of the spaces. They were taking a previously transitional/traditional home and making it contemporary.  They called StarrMiller Interior Design in to help with the decisions and take the design to finishing school.

In this dining room we wanted to first warm up the palette by dropping in an earthy grey/brown to add drama to the space.  Then we chose to demonstrate how potent the presence of an area rug can be when paired with furniture of a similar palette. The end product results in a sharp and stunning geometric pattern that really opens up the space and creates a distinct ambiance. 

The double set of five spherical glass light fixtures add a bit of playfulness to the space, and invite the energy of fun into the dining space. They also help fill up the tall room. They provide a great counterbalance to all of the straight lines in all of the other components chosen for this space.

A travertine and cherry table is the focal point of the design and makes for a great center to eat and enjoy one another’s company.  

The chairs are central to the theme in the room for many reasons. Their chestnut cutouts served to continue the repetition of the geometric patterns in the room. They create a gorgeous green set that exudes sensuality and groundedness, and the sueded fabric serves to add softness to the hard lines and corners of the space. Both of these gestures help create a sense of balance that is central to everything we do. 

In creating this space, we wanted to bring the outside in, by creating an ambience of the natural world that mirrored the environment seen from the windows. Even the window treatments were chosen with a contemporary look and see through material to ensure the outside beauty would always be a part of the room. All of these elements play off of the stone fireplace, adding an even more natural feel to the space.


We love making our clients’ dreams a reality. For this dining room, we worked hard to create a space that matched this client’s desire for a beautiful space that felt down to earth and sophisticated all at once.

The finished chairs highlight the incredibly unique area rug, and the completed dining room makes for a warm and inviting space for dining, a welcoming place for guests and a sophisticated, contemporary room that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Speaking of more, we are now working on their master bathroom renovation! 

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