Opt for Great Outdoor Lighting!


With the weather heating up, the urge to dine and spend time outside is growing by the day. Want to enjoy the outdoors even after the sun goes down? Here are our picks for creative lighting to light up your life outside!



This gorgeous lamp works perfectly for late night reading and relaxing. The sheer size of the lamp adds drama to the space, while also addressing utilitarian concerns. The large lamp offers enough soft lighting to illuminate the whole table, even after dusk. There is a certain art to the structure of the lamp itself, making it such a great pick for a dreamy reading spot. 



Happy Morocco! Described by the homeowner as “Moroccan Modern meets English library by way of a flea market,” this outdoor set-up is so layered and playful – just what we love! The string lights and lanterns give an exotic feel that matches the décor perfectly, adding a delightful sense of being transported to another land entirely.



For lighting of a different kind, try this super creative set-up at the outdoor bar. (Do you think guests’ legs might get hot? Or could these be heat regulated?) The double illumination creates a beautiful aesthetic while lining the bar with soft, unobtrusive lighting, which makes for a stunning effect overall.



Need a new place to add some outdoor lighting? Try the stairs! These long, sleek lights give radiance just where we need it – on the steps. It also helps give the stairs an artistic feel, improving the aesthetic of the space as a whole. The backyard also utilizes some creative landscape lighting, with many of the plants being well-lit too. This place just looks ready for a party!



Speaking of party, this gathering gets a taste of romance and whimsy with string lights overhead. Adding a healthy dose of sparkle to the evening, string lights can make even the most mundane night seem decorative and special. Well-lit tables also add to this affair, enhancing an atmosphere of uniqueness and love.



www.homedesigninspiration.com/ Outdoor Lighting Atlanta

For something a little more out of this world, try these outrageous lighting fixtures lining an equally dramatic walkway. Part lighting, part art installation, these sculptural pieces set the tone perfectly for a distinctive home, letting all guests know they are in for a surprise or two as they approach the front door.


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