Super Size Me!

 Want elegant simplicity with a touch of retro style?

Try supersized tiles! Check out a few of our favorite examples of this hot trend for baths.



Look at the size of those tiles! Gorgeous tiles find a beautiful home in this modern bathroom, complete with a rectangular tub and square windows. These extra-large tiles have a reflective quality to them, which helps the space appear larger. Custom tiles were used around the door, giving this room an even more high-end look.


For something a little more glam, try these larger bathroom tiles with incredibly useful pull out drawers! The drawers have sparkly handles that invite an aura of opulence into the space, and beautiful size that pairs well with the oversized decorative mirror and chandelier.


Topps Tiles 

These subway tiles from Topps Tiles make this bathroom look so smooth and fresh with such a beautiful pop of color! The pearly white grout plays well with the porcelain tub, and the aqua blue tiles make the room appear fun, yet classic!



Luminous tiles line the floor of this ultra-posh home, complete with a view that’s to die for. Gorgeous tiles offer smoothness and serenity to the space, and the sheer size of the tiles are right on trend. A perfect choice for a wide open living room.



Not so subway, these tiles are for the artistically inclined. Sea green with a touch of mauve, these tiles add dimension and beauty to the space. The enormous size really makes a statement, while the color keeps them from appearing too overstated. The gold mirrors really bring out the accents of the tile and pull the entire room together.  I especially like that they were placed vertically rather than the expected horizontal installation. 



This space with oversized tile walls and floor just scream classy! Our first matte finish, these tiles have quite a different look without the shine, but with plenty of elegance. The colors compliment each other perfectly and the matte finish pairs so well with the mod artwork. Just another unique example of how chic the large tile look can be! 


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