TVs: To Hide or Not to Hide



When deciding whether or not to hide your TV, why not consider making the “hide” part of the design? With this pair of rustic sliding doors, you can hide your TV in style and incorporate the doors as part of the design. We love how the doors match the rest of the furniture and we especially love how the doors look so good open and closed. This is our pick for a dramatic TV covering.




Here we see one of our own projects, the art cabinet that the client owned became the inspiration for the entire space. We love this design because the TV cabinet adds beauty to the space, while concealing the TV in plain sight.




Here’s a different look: an exposed television set above a fireplace. With this design, we have a beautiful juxtaposition between the lines of the fireplace and the lines of the television, creating a geometric delight. Here there’s no need to hide the TV because it looks so perfectly placed. The squares of the windows add even more geometric visual interest to the overall design, and add natural ambiance around the television. Here’s our pick for an outstanding integrative design.



For a new strategy on hiding the TV, why not conceal it behind the fireplace? A stunning fieldstone fireplace dominates the interior of this relaxing cabin, and to make sure it doesn’t compete with the TV, the screen was hidden beside the chimney. The flat screen is placed on a slider for an easy reveal whenever homeowners and guests are ready to watch. We love the ingenuity and seamless conceal of this look!



We love this technique to hide a TV because it looks so seamless! The paneling swivels around to reveal the TV to unsuspecting guests. Our only critique of this design is that this approach requires a niche deep enough for the board to rotate all the way around. If you’ve got a deep recess, we say go for it!



See a TV in this room?  Neither do we.  Who knew a mirror could disguise a TV so well!  One of our own designs, we love this fresh new take on concealing a television. Here’s a look at the TV when it’s on:





How about a family-friendly artsy look? This room went from plain basement to family fun with a fireplace upgrade complete with a sleek wood mantel, stone veneer, a flat-panel TV, and DIY leaf-motif art panels that can hide the television screen. We love to see yet another way to hide the TV – this time with art! The panels add an artsy, friendly vibe to the space and are just the trick to hide the TV.




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