The Art of the Office: Making Space for the Feminine


Hmmm… this is NOT our idea of fun. For a posh taste of working out of the home, try these unbelievable home offices that bring new meaning to the word “housework.”


Kelly Wearstler

This dramatic office space feels like a party! With an over-the-top rug that anchors the space, this room marries function and form in a most vivid fashion! The round table works well with the rhythm of the rug, and the round backs of the pink chairs. The boldness of the multitude of textures conveys confidence and fun, while the photographs lining the walls add fun and flavor.



Taking a cue from the trends at High Point, here is an office that loves the blush. Pink accents pair well with white, adding just enough color to make the room pop. We love how the artwork matches the lamp and chair perfectly, and the fresh flowers give that ultra-feminine feeling we crave. The chair cushion adds a touch of avant-garde to the space, and the geometric wallpaper gives even more dimension . Top it off with a line drawing and a stack of hot pink books on the desk, and you’ve got yourself one deliciously feminine office.


Short on space? Try this tiny piece of elegance with a view! The juxtaposition of the Ikea Desk with the Louis XVI chair is wonderfully girly. The rug choice brings a touch of traditional with a wonderful punch of color. There’s that blush and white again, this time with gold accents for a touch of glamour. We love how lit candles and flowers can add instant femininity while still leaving space to work and create magic. The Chanel art is nice, but it’s the vision board that lets us know this is a practical area for creative dreams to become manifest.


Make it glam with a little shine! The gold room divider is a perfect backdrop for this feminine space that marries function and design. A large table allows for spreading out, or enjoying a quick snack in between projects. The shiny mirrors add round art to the space and creates a sense of balance with the room divider. We love the boldness of the texture combination choices, from the tigress pillow to the layered animal skin and geometric rug.  Again, fresh flowers are a must and we just love the way pink is used sparingly here for a touch of girly without overdoing it.


This space is our favorite for simple elegance. We are in love with the gold art on the back wall, as well as the beautiful balance struck by the two table lamps. . The warmth let off by these two lamps adds a glow to the space, crafting a relaxed vibe to in which to work. We can’t get over how well this backdrop works with the simplicity of the chair, creating an understated look of pure sophistication.  The stool allows guests to drop by, but does not take up un-needed space in the room.  The woven rug lends a textured feel, grounding a room well done.


This office is a beautiful pick for those who really need to spread out in a relatively narrow space. With plenty of room, this office offers an expanse of seating. The traditional Damask print on the modern low slung swivel lounge chairs adds a grounding feminine appeal, while the iconic Verner Panton cantilevered stack chair (1960) at the desk add a sculptural feel to the space. The view to the outdoors gives a nurturing view, while family photographs and knickknacks give a personal touch to this cozy home office.  

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