Why I love New York – BROADWAY!

My father took me to my first Broadway in 1973 where we saw "PIPPIN" starring, Ben Vereen, John Rubinstein, Jill Clayburgh and Irene Ryan (Granny).  WOW!  It was life altering.  I wanted nothing more than to be on the stage, listen to the music and sing at the top of my lungs.  Too bad I did not have the talent. (As Elphaba would say, "I’m limited".   But talent comes to each of us in different ways.


I would go to the shows when they came through Atlanta, but it is still BROADWAY that wins my heart!  When I was in school at Parsons I had the great fortune of going to over 35 different performances;  Plays, Musicals, Opera, Ballet, Experimental theater (that’s another story).

I am thinking of this today as I am planning a trip next month to NYC to go to Kravet‘s #Blogfest2012.  At last year’s event we snuck in 2 shows, "The Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad  Zoo" and "SPIDERMAN – Turn off the Dark".  The first one I did not care for at all – a first.  SPIDERMAN, however,  was a ton of fun!

I plan to catch a few shows while I am there this time as well.  Right now I am trying to score tickets for the "Book of Mormon", and I just purchased tickets to "The Best Man" with Angela Lansbury.  I would rather it have been Mame, but who could resist the great lady on Broadway?

If I could just move the whole place to driving distance to Charlotte/Lake Norman!

"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good……" (Wicked) 

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