Wow Them with Wallpaper!

Want to add a little drama to your space? Wow guests with wallpaper that packs a punch!
Here are a few of our favorite selections of wallpaper that add a distinct flair to any room. 


Create visual interest and contrast with a gorgeous wallpaper that adds shine to the space. Here we see a silver patterned paper that increases provocation in a gothic-inspired dining area. Adding the wallpaper allows the silver mirror to truly pop, and gives an artistic feel to the overall space. Placed between white borders and dark walls only serves to add greater visual appeal to the paper!

Walls aren’t the only way to be creative with decorative wallpaper. For an even more inventive twist on traditional wallpaper, try papering your ceiling. Purple walls coupled with a graphic ceiling create a dramatic effect in this modern living space. The pattern of the ceiling paper creates an art deco vibe that really enhances the space in a way only this paper could. The color of the pattern plays against the fun red chinoiserie of the chair and brings out accent elements in the artwork hanging on the wall. The geometric design of the paper also includes the circles that play well with the circular bases of the lamps and the Zen circles on the silver-leaf buffet. Here we see how ceiling wallpaper can completely enhance the space and further support the themes established in the fabrics and furniture.

Designed by: Belle Maison Inc.

Lastly, we get worldly with wallpaper in a powder room. This dramatic wallpaper offers respite from the mundane by taking us on a trip around the world as we enter the space. A beautiful map detail transforms the room and provides a high-end accent to otherwise chrome surroundings. The curvature of the map compliments the serpentine design of the vanity while the silver in the map marries well with its burnished silver finish. Yet another beautiful example of how wallpaper can truly enhance a space!

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