The Art of the Office: Making Space for the Feminine


Hmmm… this is NOT our idea of fun. For a posh taste of working out of the home, try these unbelievable home offices that bring new meaning to the word “housework.”


Kelly Wearstler

This dramatic office space feels like a party! With an over-the-top rug that anchors the space, this room marries function and form in a most vivid fashion! The round table works well with the rhythm of the rug, and the round backs of the pink chairs. The boldness of the multitude of textures conveys confidence and fun, while the photographs lining the walls add fun and flavor.



Taking a cue from the trends at High Point, here is an office that loves the blush. Pink accents pair well with white, adding just enough color to make the room pop. We love how the artwork matches the lamp and chair perfectly, and the fresh flowers give that ultra-feminine feeling we crave. The chair cushion adds a touch of avant-garde to the space, and the geometric wallpaper gives even more dimension . Top it off with a line drawing and a stack of hot pink books on the desk, and you’ve got yourself one deliciously feminine office.


Short on space? Try this tiny piece of elegance with a view! The juxtaposition of the Ikea Desk with the Louis XVI chair is wonderfully girly. The rug choice brings a touch of traditional with a wonderful punch of color. There’s that blush and white again, this time with gold accents for a touch of glamour. We love how lit candles and flowers can add instant femininity while still leaving space to work and create magic. The Chanel art is nice, but it’s the vision board that lets us know this is a practical area for creative dreams to become manifest.


Make it glam with a little shine! The gold room divider is a perfect backdrop for this feminine space that marries function and design. A large table allows for spreading out, or enjoying a quick snack in between projects. The shiny mirrors add round art to the space and creates a sense of balance with the room divider. We love the boldness of the texture combination choices, from the tigress pillow to the layered animal skin and geometric rug.  Again, fresh flowers are a must and we just love the way pink is used sparingly here for a touch of girly without overdoing it.


This space is our favorite for simple elegance. We are in love with the gold art on the back wall, as well as the beautiful balance struck by the two table lamps. . The warmth let off by these two lamps adds a glow to the space, crafting a relaxed vibe to in which to work. We can’t get over how well this backdrop works with the simplicity of the chair, creating an understated look of pure sophistication.  The stool allows guests to drop by, but does not take up un-needed space in the room.  The woven rug lends a textured feel, grounding a room well done.


This office is a beautiful pick for those who really need to spread out in a relatively narrow space. With plenty of room, this office offers an expanse of seating. The traditional Damask print on the modern low slung swivel lounge chairs adds a grounding feminine appeal, while the iconic Verner Panton cantilevered stack chair (1960) at the desk add a sculptural feel to the space. The view to the outdoors gives a nurturing view, while family photographs and knickknacks give a personal touch to this cozy home office.  

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Before They Were Trendy: Bold Blue Walls


This year we are seeing bold blue walls everywhere, and they remind us of a beautiful project we did a few years ago. Bold blues add instant depth to a room and really make lighter colors pop, whether soft treatments or lighting. We love to see this trend taking center stage this year….


Here’s another shot from the same room showing off the blue wall trend before it was big. We have platinum furnishings to give the space a sharp contrast.  The artwork gives depth of texture and a sense of provenance to the space. The contemporary pillows and fabric on the chairs bring a touch of contemporary to the traditional forms.


Here’s a triple-dose of blue, with blue furniture, blue artwork and blue walls! Again we see beiges and neutrals sprinkled throughout the room to offer some contrast. The mismatched pillows are another hot trend and look great paired against the velvety deep water blue of the sofa. The walls themselves are luxurious, deep and dark, with bookshelves painted to match. We love the distinct feel of this room created by the cocoon of blue.


Another great way to use the bold blue trend is to use another primary color in the artwork. Yellow pops against the dark blue hue, creating a beautiful focal point for the wall. The simplicity of the art lends itself well to the intensity of the paint, and the blue sofa just adds even more depth. We love to see the mismatched pillows again, and are thankful for some more color and complexity against the bold blue.


Feeling a little intimidated about splashing blue paint all over your walls? Opt for a simple blue chair instead. We love how the beige wicker looks against the blue cushions of this chair, giving us those deep blue hues without all the commitment. We love this chair and the flavor it brings to the whole pool area! If you’re not sure about the big trend of the season, try blue pillows, chairs, and artwork to add the blue beauty that’s needed to brighten up any space.



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Opt for Great Outdoor Lighting!


With the weather heating up, the urge to dine and spend time outside is growing by the day. Want to enjoy the outdoors even after the sun goes down? Here are our picks for creative lighting to light up your life outside!


This gorgeous lamp works perfectly for late night reading and relaxing. The sheer size of the lamp adds drama to the space, while also addressing utilitarian concerns. The large lamp offers enough soft lighting to illuminate the whole table, even after dusk. There is a certain art to the structure of the lamp itself, making it such a great pick for a dreamy reading spot. 


Happy Morocco! Described by the homeowner as “Moroccan Modern meets English library by way of a flea market,” this outdoor set-up is so layered and playful – just what we love! The string lights and lanterns give an exotic feel that matches the décor perfectly, adding a delightful sense of being transported to another land entirely.


For lighting of a different kind, try this super creative set-up at the outdoor bar. (Do you think guests’ legs might get hot? Or could these be heat regulated?) The double illumination creates a beautiful aesthetic while lining the bar with soft, unobtrusive lighting, which makes for a stunning effect overall.


Need a new place to add some outdoor lighting? Try the stairs! These long, sleek lights give radiance just where we need it – on the steps. It also helps give the stairs an artistic feel, improving the aesthetic of the space as a whole. The backyard also utilizes some creative landscape lighting, with many of the plants being well-lit too. This place just looks ready for a party!


Speaking of party, this gathering gets a taste of romance and whimsy with string lights overhead. Adding a healthy dose of sparkle to the evening, string lights can make even the most mundane night seem decorative and special. Well-lit tables also add to this affair, enhancing an atmosphere of uniqueness and love.


LT8 Outdoor Lighting Atlanta

For something a little more out of this world, try these outrageous lighting fixtures lining an equally dramatic walkway. Part lighting, part art installation, these sculptural pieces set the tone perfectly for a distinctive home, letting all guests know they are in for a surprise or two as they approach the front door.


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Trend Report: High Point Market


For impact, energy, excitement, and sheer size, no other show matches the High Point Market.”

Fresh from our trip to the High Point Market, we are more enthused than ever! We were busy finding unique items for our clients, but along the way spotted some interesting trends, and would like to offer up a few of our favorite styles from the Market. From elements of shine to fresh, new color palettes, High Point is never short on inspiration.



Photo by Joann Carlozzo Kandrac

Brass is back in a big way! Check out the latest trend from the market: brass arm-chairs. An alloy made of copper and zinc, brass certainly makes a statement due to its high shine and unique finish.  It feels modern and warm all at once.

It takes some bravery to embrace the patina than comes from unlacquered brass elements, but this trend was everywhere we turned at High Point. The fluid/living nature of unlacquered brass and nickel were recently shown by Kohler Plumbing as well.

Brass is back in a big way! Check out the latest trend from the market: brass arm-chairs. An alloy made of copper and zinc, brass certainly makes a statement due to its high shine and unique finish.  It feels modern and warm all at once.

It takes some bravery to embrace the patina than comes from unlacquered brass elements, but this trend was everywhere we turned at High Point. The fluid/living nature of unlacquered brass and nickel were recently shown by Kohler Plumbing as well.

We are particularly fond of pairing the dark colors of the chair with the brassy arms and legs.


Brass Chippendale-Style Side Chairs – Traditional – Armchairs and Accent Chairs 

This simple chair has an elegant geometric ‘bamboo’ backing that offers much visual interest to the room. The brass legs are on trend and they create incredible contrast with the dark cushion. We are left with a gilded effect that is sure to bring shine to any space.



Apartment Therapy

Pink, rose and blush were everywhere this year, from textiles to wallpaper. Blush was often paired with white or beige for an ultra-feminine look that still delivered that pop of color.


Photos taken at Century Furniture – Blush and gray. 

Two years ago you would have seen these paired with silver, but now there are brass touches everywhere. A pink sofa looks divine with white and gray, creating a beautiful feminine ambiance to the space.


This Mimou wallpaper is blush and art all at once with fascinating geometric patterns and a gorgeous color palette. Again, the warmth and pops of color create eye-candy for the walls and allow for a beautiful backdrop for a dramatic room.



Taken in the Bungalow 5 Showroom

We just LOVE this wallpaper that helps to bring the outside in with trees and a touch of blue. Paired with table lamps and eclectic mirrors, we see the power of wallpaper to serve as its own form of art.

HPT8 spotted at High Point Market

Speaking of wallpaper, watercolor wallpaper was all the rage this year, and was seen throughout the market. This blush paper shows how gestural lines are giving yet another ultra-feminine twist to a room and add a highly artistic tone to otherwise traditional furniture. The interplay between white/beige and blush can be seen yet again in this room.   This particular BlackCrow Studios watercolor look was all over market – very hot trend in the oversized print world.


High Point Market Picks –

For a spellbinding wallpaper, try this peacock feather design spotted at High Point by Block color upholstered furniture only adds to the allure of the paper by allowing it to take center stage. The patterned peacock imagery gives an exotic feel to the space while the dramatic mirror gives the room depth and texture. Yet another example of how wallpaper becomes art when done right.


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Super Size Me!

 Want elegant simplicity with a touch of retro style?

Try supersized tiles! Check out a few of our favorite examples of this hot trend for baths.



Look at the size of those tiles! Gorgeous tiles find a beautiful home in this modern bathroom, complete with a rectangular tub and square windows. These extra-large tiles have a reflective quality to them, which helps the space appear larger. Custom tiles were used around the door, giving this room an even more high-end look.


For something a little more glam, try these larger bathroom tiles with incredibly useful pull out drawers! The drawers have sparkly handles that invite an aura of opulence into the space, and beautiful size that pairs well with the oversized decorative mirror and chandelier.


Topps Tiles 

These subway tiles from Topps Tiles make this bathroom look so smooth and fresh with such a beautiful pop of color! The pearly white grout plays well with the porcelain tub, and the aqua blue tiles make the room appear fun, yet classic!



Luminous tiles line the floor of this ultra-posh home, complete with a view that’s to die for. Gorgeous tiles offer smoothness and serenity to the space, and the sheer size of the tiles are right on trend. A perfect choice for a wide open living room.



Not so subway, these tiles are for the artistically inclined. Sea green with a touch of mauve, these tiles add dimension and beauty to the space. The enormous size really makes a statement, while the color keeps them from appearing too overstated. The gold mirrors really bring out the accents of the tile and pull the entire room together.  I especially like that they were placed vertically rather than the expected horizontal installation. 



This space with oversized tile walls and floor just scream classy! Our first matte finish, these tiles have quite a different look without the shine, but with plenty of elegance. The colors compliment each other perfectly and the matte finish pairs so well with the mod artwork. Just another unique example of how chic the large tile look can be! 


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Beautiful Bedrooms!

 Who doesn’t want a beautiful bedroom? The room you spend quite some time in, the room you love. Make a sensual space for a most enjoyable sleep. Check out a few of our favorite picks, and enjoy some beautiful bedrooms full of light and character.


Transport yourself to another world with this amazingly dramatic bedroom. Gold accents play up a royal purple bedspread and couch, while far-reaching bedposts add drama and height to the room. Candles and fruit add a vanitas feel, and the detail of the wall gives an artistic edge to the space. A beautiful area rug pairs well with hard wood floors, creating more visual interest. Tall windows give the space an edge and let so much light in. The dramatic mouldings give history to the space and balance the newness of the bright gold garden stools.  Finally, the dark pillows add a slightly gothic feel without stealing the femininity from the space.


Meghan Blum

Now for something lighter! This room makes white feel fresh and fun without making it sterile and devoid of feeling. The large piece of art with two feathers anchors the space. This pop of color adds a grounding influence to all the white, and helps give character. It’s amazing what color can do; even the dark blue blanket feels completely necessary here. The headboard is busy but not distracting, adding a decorative element with a pattern that beautifully compliments that of the wallpaper.   The wallpaper draws the eye up making the room feel more grand.  The tall bed and tall lamp looks perfect here.


This beautiful room showcases the power of decorative pillows added to a neutral base! The pillows play up the beautiful contrast created by a powerful black bed in a lighter room. Tall ceilings makes the room feel expansive, and give that added edge of luxury. The three pieces of art above the headboard work wonders to create balance and the simple, classic roman shades add a touch of timeless chic appeal. The room brings together surprising elements that all work so well together.


Time for more drama! The velour bed just screams comfort! There is a beautiful presence to the bed, with a masculine feel because of the size and shape. The manliness of the bed is juxtaposed with a dark, yet feminine chandelier. The tea-stained area rug creates a beautiful softness to the room, and it’s pale blue and neutral hues really draw out the color of the bed. Beautiful sculptural art lives in the hallway and entices us to enjoy the space even further!


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Fabulous Front Doors!

Make a great first impression with a fabulous front door! The front door can set the tone for the entire home and even act as a decorative piece in the overall entryway design.

Here we see a custom piece that adds depth and character to the space. The beautiful door has a rustic finish and a custom transom that fits the unique size of the entryway. The deep brown grounds the space, adding earthiness to the peach walls and the vibrant rug, while creating a sense of continuity with the armoire. The intensity of the door also brings out the darker tones of the painting as well.

For a simpler look, add a pop of color! This door and transom adds a bit of whimsy to an otherwise white brick wall and the bright orange tone works wonders with the green plant pots. A beautiful example of how the right hue can uplift the curb appeal of the home.

Elegant and Dramatic. This front door screams of drama with its intricacy and detail. The door maintains its high-end appeal through the complexity of the design, yet the black and white color palette allow it to avoid looking gaudy and overdone. With a door this fancy, you’d think we were on our way to meet the Queen of England!

For drama of a different flavor, try this door from Prague. Old and obscure, the matched patterning of the door and wall create astounding impact. The small window in the middle of the door gives a gothic feel, and the handle adds even more character. When you’re ready to return to old world Europe, try a style as influential as this one.

Back to the suburbs! Take a break from all the drama with simple elegance. This front door would look great on just about any home, yet the three square windows add just enough flair and personality to make it look anything but cookie cutter. The balance created by the three squares offers a safe and inviting entry to a warm home.

Again we find some drama – this time in the form of plants! The large cacti create drama and visual interest, yet paired with the two lanterns, we find balance. The door itself is a beautiful pink daisy color, which works so well with the cacti and the white walls surrounding the doors. The Avant-garde opening of the door lets visitors know they are entering a space entirely new to their design sensibilities.

The carvings in this front door are incredibly beautiful, and add a new dimension to what can be done with a door. The front door above is warm in tone and the decorative carvings let you know you are embarking on a home you won’t forget.

Fenstermann, LLC

The carvings in this front door are incredibly beautiful, and add a new dimension to what can be done with a door. The front door above is warm in tone and the decorative carvings let you know you are embarking on a home you won’t forget.

For one last take on the front door, try a glass one! This is a modern version of the front door, with a slim trim and great height. Perfect for a summer home, this door invites guests in from the heat and offers a perfect entry point to a fabulously modern home!

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Wow Them with Wallpaper!

Want to add a little drama to your space? Wow guests with wallpaper that packs a punch!
Here are a few of our favorite selections of wallpaper that add a distinct flair to any room. 


Create visual interest and contrast with a gorgeous wallpaper that adds shine to the space. Here we see a silver patterned paper that increases provocation in a gothic-inspired dining area. Adding the wallpaper allows the silver mirror to truly pop, and gives an artistic feel to the overall space. Placed between white borders and dark walls only serves to add greater visual appeal to the paper!

Walls aren’t the only way to be creative with decorative wallpaper. For an even more inventive twist on traditional wallpaper, try papering your ceiling. Purple walls coupled with a graphic ceiling create a dramatic effect in this modern living space. The pattern of the ceiling paper creates an art deco vibe that really enhances the space in a way only this paper could. The color of the pattern plays against the fun red chinoiserie of the chair and brings out accent elements in the artwork hanging on the wall. The geometric design of the paper also includes the circles that play well with the circular bases of the lamps and the Zen circles on the silver-leaf buffet. Here we see how ceiling wallpaper can completely enhance the space and further support the themes established in the fabrics and furniture.

Designed by: Belle Maison Inc.

Lastly, we get worldly with wallpaper in a powder room. This dramatic wallpaper offers respite from the mundane by taking us on a trip around the world as we enter the space. A beautiful map detail transforms the room and provides a high-end accent to otherwise chrome surroundings. The curvature of the map compliments the serpentine design of the vanity while the silver in the map marries well with its burnished silver finish. Yet another beautiful example of how wallpaper can truly enhance a space!

Thinking about making a change to your space?

Contact StarrMiller Interior Design for one of a kind design with fun and sensibility. 

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Creating a Safe Haven with Safe Alliance

StarrMiller Interior Design is known for quality design work, creative style, and for always giving a helping hand to the local community. Here at StarrMiller, we are committed to empowering women and improving the lives of those in need throughout Lake Norman. In an effort to stay active and involved in our community, we recently worked on behalf of the Executive Women of Lake Norman to assist Safe Alliance in improving their offices as to create a more healing atmosphere for clients.

The leading group of women business owners and leaders in the Lake Norman community, the Executive Women of Lake Norman worked with Safe Alliance as part of their commitment to community outreach. With a focus on aiding women and children in crisis, Safe Alliance provides hope and healing to those victimized by sexual abuse, child abuse and domestic violence, offering such vital services as a 24-hour crisis line, a shelter, a children’s advocacy center, safety planning services, trauma-informed counseling services, hospital accompaniment, case management, systems advocacy, and support groups.

When Safe Alliance needed to remodel their offices to create a sacred space for health and healing, we knew we had to become intimately involved with such an important project.

We definitely wanted to create a place that was distinctly tranquil. We took inspiration from the Safe Alliance logo, softened their established color palette and added fabrics with circular, floral patterns that spoke to the embrace of hope and healing.  Most importantly, we wanted the space to remind Safe Alliance clients that they had a comfortable, beautiful haven to come to when they needed healing and counseling. 

Natural light always feels healing to me, and it was such a gift to be blessed with a space that had large windows. Windows and the plants seen right outside of them are constant reminders for clients that the world can still be a benevolent place in spite of the hardship they’ve endured. We also brought the outside in by using a floral pattern for the curtains that matched the pillows to create a sense of continuity and add that natural environ to the room.


The artwork is my favorite aspect of the design, it is so gorgeous and really ties the space together. The artwork chosen is of x-rayed flowers that reveal nature’s hidden beauty. 


 Even the waiting room is a happy place! Plum chairs really help to bring out the magic of the artwork and provide a warm space with which to wait for counseling. The artwork grounds the room and adds a sense of beauty and gentleness. 

In addition to making the waiting room feel warm and inviting, we wanted to add a sense of playfulness to the children’s waiting space. We achieved this by using a whimsical butterfly stencil full of bright colors. The free-flying symbolism of the butterflies represents freedom and reminds our little guests they are welcome and wanted at Safe Alliance.

Once again, we incorporated a warm palette and important inspirational art for women. Serving as a reminder of their own strength and capability, the quote “In our darkest moments there is a light within us, waiting for the right time to shine and guide our way,” reassures Safe Alliance clients that the best is yet to come. We wanted the artwork to reflect how important this charitable project was to us.

Working on the Safe Alliance redesign was one of our proudest moments and reminded us why we do what we do. The opportunity to bring beauty and light into a space as important as Safe Alliance was a joy and a privilege!

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Dining in Style

Geometric genius and an earthy palette create a dining room bursting with contemporary style!

This room was such a joy to design. Every design begins with the client and how they see the world and how they want to live.  In this case the clients were in the midst of a renovation and  they were opening up all of the spaces. They were taking a previously transitional/traditional home and making it contemporary.  They called StarrMiller Interior Design in to help with the decisions and take the design to finishing school.

In this dining room we wanted to first warm up the palette by dropping in an earthy grey/brown to add drama to the space.  Then we chose to demonstrate how potent the presence of an area rug can be when paired with furniture of a similar palette. The end product results in a sharp and stunning geometric pattern that really opens up the space and creates a distinct ambiance. 

The double set of five spherical glass light fixtures add a bit of playfulness to the space, and invite the energy of fun into the dining space. They also help fill up the tall room. They provide a great counterbalance to all of the straight lines in all of the other components chosen for this space.

A travertine and cherry table is the focal point of the design and makes for a great center to eat and enjoy one another’s company.  

The chairs are central to the theme in the room for many reasons. Their chestnut cutouts served to continue the repetition of the geometric patterns in the room. They create a gorgeous green set that exudes sensuality and groundedness, and the sueded fabric serves to add softness to the hard lines and corners of the space. Both of these gestures help create a sense of balance that is central to everything we do. 

In creating this space, we wanted to bring the outside in, by creating an ambience of the natural world that mirrored the environment seen from the windows. Even the window treatments were chosen with a contemporary look and see through material to ensure the outside beauty would always be a part of the room. All of these elements play off of the stone fireplace, adding an even more natural feel to the space.


We love making our clients’ dreams a reality. For this dining room, we worked hard to create a space that matched this client’s desire for a beautiful space that felt down to earth and sophisticated all at once.

The finished chairs highlight the incredibly unique area rug, and the completed dining room makes for a warm and inviting space for dining, a welcoming place for guests and a sophisticated, contemporary room that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Speaking of more, we are now working on their master bathroom renovation! 

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