Building, renovating or decorating a home is not an everyday occurrence.  In a perfect world your choices should last at least 10 years.  When deciding to take on the task and you decide that it is time to hire someone to help who should you hire?  In this article I am going to outline the who, what, where and when to hire a professional and what you should consider when hiring.  Every type is a valid profession, the question is, which one is right for you!


Pricing $-$$$$ (Pricing is dependent on the Architect’s education, experience and marketplace conditions)

Timing – Average 4 months, dependent on the complexity of the project and decision making

An Architect is a person who designs buildings and structures.  They work with engineers to determine viability of said structures.

Why would you use and Architect?

For new home construction and home additions these licensed professionals understand how to design foundations, HVAC systems, roofing and other structural framework specifics of a project.  They understand setbacks and county/city requirements for new structures. They are well educated and are the final sign-off (stamp) before for review by the governing entities that will approve this construction.

Why hire an Architect?

An architect is needed for home additions and new construction.  Most of the time it is the development and stamp of their own plans, sometimes it is a simple review of other’s plans.

Interior Designer

(sometimes called Interior Architect, but beware the Architect name is used specifically for licensed Architects and should not be miss-represented)

Pricing $$-$$$$ (Pricing is dependent on the Interior Designer’s education, experience, marketplace conditions and complexity of the project.)

Timing (3 – 24+ months)

A professional Interior Designer is qualified by education, experience, and continuing education to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces. This can include moving non-load-bearing walls for renovations or working in coordination with builder, architect and contractor to build a complete home.

The focus of an interior designer is functionality of the spaces.  Once the functionality is determined the interior designer insures that the aesthetic is reflective of the homeowner using products that match the values and budget of the project.  The designer works with all trades to ensure that the aesthetic remains intact and unique to the client.

Why hire an Interior Designer?

For Clients who want a home that truly reflects their individual needs, values and aesthetic a professional Interior Designer is your best bet.  This is NOT a one-size-fits-all scenario. This is a unique experience where the home becomes a reflection of the Client(s).  This relationship is in-depth and personal, not reflective of the HGTV overnight experience.  (Trust me, I have worked for HGTV shows and can share the difference, inclusive of smoke and mirrors!)


Pricing $$ (Pricing is dependent on the Decorator’s experience and marketplace conditions)

Timing (1-4 months)

A Decorator is someone who enhances a space based on the structure as it stands.  This person may ‘have an eye’ and when truly educated (whether it be from a scholastic institution or the world of hard knocks) can often decorate a space well. 


Pricing $

Timing (1-8 weeks)

A ReDesigner is a Decorator who comes into your home and helps you place your current furniture, art and knick-knacks.  They can help with paint choices and make suggestions on filling in where needed.  They will have a high number of reviews on websites such as Houzz as they can work with many clients in a short period of time.

Why would you use a ReDesigner?

This service is perfect for those who call and say, “I just need some help figuring out my space.”  It may be that you just moved into your home and need help deciding where everything should be placed, or it may be that you just want change and now is the time.  If you have 85% of what you need, you just need help putting the puzzle together – this is your person.


Pricing $

Timing (1-4 weeks)

An E-Designer is a decorator you will never meet in person.  They will provide advice and a shopping list to accomplish your goals for your room.  This service is often accomplished by students or new decorators working remotely.  

Why would you use a E-Designer?

This service is perfect for someone on a tight budget who really wants someone to put together a room from what is readily available online and in catalogs.  

Home Stager

$-$$$ (Costs are determined in conjunction with your Real Estate Agent and the size and complexity of the project)

Timing – Quick Turn (often less than a week)

Staging a home is a wonderful marketing tool.  The Staging professional has knowledge of the marketplace, the surrounding real estate competition, the target home buyer psychographics and their aesthetic aspirations.  Their job is to make your home’s first impression most attractive to the target buyer.  Whereas an Interior Designer will make your home reflect you in function and aesthetics, a Stager will make the home reflect the most targeted buyers as possible to insure a quicker sale.

Why would you use a Stager?

A Stager is unique in the fact that they have in their arsenal, warehoused furniture and accessories for use in your property for a specified time period.  They carry a paint deck of the most neutrally liked colors to enhance your property for the focused mission of selling your home for the best price possible.

I hope this helps you break apart the different professionals available to you.  Remember to ask questions, look at their work and in the case of Interior Designers, find a good mesh of personalities as our projects tend to last a while and you want someone you like around!


Hope this helps!